Given the inevitability of US population growth, it follows that the Secured supply of energy must increase in like manner, or serious Disruptions will occur. Although energy conservation is of great value, and is to be sought after, it ultimately is not the answer, as the continued growth of the population will finally overwhelm any possible conservation regimen. However, domestic production of energy in the US from fossil fuels peaked long ago. Alternatives that have been pursued up until now such as Nuclear, have come with their own huge costs, and have proven inadequate or grossly undesirable. Thus we have been led to the importation of vast amounts of foreign fossil fuels. Ultimately, this cannot be sustained. Not only will we destroy life on the planet through the unconstrained use of the remaining fossil fuels, but these fuels are finite in supply. They will run out. There is no question of this, it is simply a matter of time.
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